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Iliyana Unveils:

The Acrylic Series

A Daring New Chapter in Iliyana's Journey

Felted creations and

Acrylic paintings

by Iliyana

The Art of Felting: From Fiber to Fine Art

Crafting a felted artwork is a labor of love, unfolding in two distinct, meticulous stages. Initially, Iliyana carefully layers wool fibers, a palette of nature's softest hues, to bring her vision to life—this is the soul of the creation process, both intricate and time-intensive. Next, with gentle precision, soap and water are introduced, and the piece is enfolded in plastic before being coaxed into form with the warmth and motion of Iliyana's hands. The fibers interlock; the picture transforms into felt. Subtle refinements are then made with a felting needle, ensuring every detail is pristine. The final masterpiece is lovingly mounted onto cotton and set upon wooden stretchers, ready to tell its story.