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About Iliyana

Painting and creating art was my hobby for many years, a side activity to my main occupation as a fashion designer.


My favorite mediums have always been felt and acrylic paint. I gradually realized that I could combine them into one, for example by stitching pieces of felt onto a canvas painted with acrylic or oil, thus creating a 3D effect. Sometimes just a few wool fibers are enough to transform an acrylic piece into something quite different and interesting.

In my art, I emphasize texture and multidimensionality, because I like that a picture can look different from different angles.


Abstract art is my chosen language because I love the way it can trigger the imagination. An abstract piece can capture emotion and create a mood without limiting the imagination to something concrete. Everyone sees something different in an abstract piece.

I love traveling and hiking, and the natural beauty I witness is my main inspiration. Breathtaking landscapes, sunsets, and rock walls—when I encounter them, my first thought is to find a way to share this beauty with others. 

My gratitude extends to all who have welcomed my art into their lives. I look forward to sharing more moments of beauty with you.



Iliyana's Artistic Achievements

Soaring Eagle Arts, Beats & Eats Festival Royal Oak, Michigan Award for Iliyana Skrobanska Felted Art
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