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  • Abstract With Fishes Original

Abstract With Fishes Original


Introducing "Abstract With Fishes," a felted artwork that masterfully intertwines the vibrant energy of abstract art with the enigmatic allure of marine life. This 22" x 26" piece, valued at $400, is skillfully fashioned from the finest merino wool. The rich colors and complex patterns create an entrancing visual journey, revealing the graceful forms of fish as they glide through the composition. Allow the alluring depths of this aquatic symphony to elevate your collection, captivating the senses and igniting conversation among even the most discerning art enthusiasts.

Update: This vibrant and enigmatic piece was recently acquired at the Talbot Street Art Fair. As "Abstract With Fishes" starts its new chapter, Iliyana is excitedly diving back into the artistic depths to craft more aquatic symphonies. Stay connected for updates on these forthcoming pieces.

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