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  • Joyful Ripple

Joyful Ripple


Ladies and gentlemen, presenting "Joyful Ripple," a celebration of color and form by the talented Iliyana. Measuring 36x48 inches, this acrylic on canvas piece is a perfect addition to any contemporary art collection. Bursting with happy colors and light, it evokes the essence of water flowing seamlessly through abstract forms. The interplay of turquoise, yellow, and soft pastels creates a harmonious and refreshing visual experience that will enliven any space.

Debuting at Iliyana's booth at Summerfair Cincinnati 2024, "Joyful Ripple" is priced at $1,800, shipping included. Don't miss the chance to own this stunning original artwork that reflects Iliyana's unique vision. Visit our booth to see this masterpiece in person and explore more of Iliyana's creations.

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