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  • Calla Dreams Original

Calla Dreams Original


Dive deep into the sublime with "Calla Dreams", a 25"x25" masterwork that beautifully marries the essence of a serene beach with the elegance of nature's blossoms. Set against a pristine white canvas, delicate black curves draw the eye inward, as if being gently beckoned by nature's whispers. The core presents a meticulous arrangement of abstract white felt forms, accented by dark ridges and whispers of ethereal purple. Tucked within this artful composition, one discovers tiny orbs in soft pinks and whites, reminiscent of treasured shells and pebbles one might chance upon during a meditative seaside walk. The entire piece evokes the grace of a white calla lily's petal, inviting viewers into a world of sophistication and tranquility. Truly, this is an elegant testament to Iliyana's profound ability to transform felt into emotion.

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