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  • Crossroads Original

Crossroads Original


This large-scale, 62.5" x 46" creation projects an air of contemporary elegance, primarily employing a monochromatic palette. Iliyana's expert use of felted wool fabric manifests in intricate patterns, suggestive of interconnected pathways - a nod to the complexities of life's journey. This piece was recently distinguished at the Sidewalk Art Show in Roanoke VA, a testament to the artist's exceptional vision and craftsmanship. Priced at $4,500, "Crossroads" stands as a testament to Iliyana's prodigious talent and promises to be a statement addition to any discerning art collection.

Update: This monochromatic piece has found a new home, purchased at the recent Talbot Street Art Fair in Indianapolis. Iliyana's intricate patterns, suggestive of interconnected pathways, struck a chord with its new owners. As this piece begins its new journey, Iliyana's studio fills with the anticipation of new creations. Stay tuned for the unveiling of new works in this evocative style.

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