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  • Ethereal Drift Original

Ethereal Drift Original

Delving deep into abstraction's essence, "Ethereal Drift" by Iliyana stands apart. Set within a sleek black frame, this vertical 20" x 30" artwork offers an elongated canvas, drawing eyes along its elegant felted tendrils. Evoking a sense of continuous movement, the artwork is immersed in a sophisticated array of shades — from pristine white and cream to luxurious champagne and eggshell —  interrupted only by marble-like dark curves that add depth and contrast. Central to the artwork are orbs in varying shades of white, black, and grey, mysteriously cascading, seemingly into an infinite void. While their presence invites contemplation, they resist interpretation, marking a fresh direction in Iliyana's artistic journey. A mesmerizing composition, priced at $1,250, it beckons viewers to both embrace its abstraction and find their own meaning within its intricate dance.

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