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  • Rhapsody in Red

Rhapsody in Red


Immerse yourself in the extraordinary tapestry of "Rhapsody in Red". At an impressive 60×44 inches, Iliyana has outdone herself in this large-scale homage to the vivid poppies field, a subject she has cherished and revisited with increasing mastery.

The scene is a vibrant blend of the rolling hills from Iliyana's Bulgarian roots, the golden state charm of California, and the tranquil wilderness of North Carolina. Each element in this felted wool masterpiece is a silent storyteller, reflecting the diverse beauty of the landscapes that have touched Iliyana's life.

The detailed needlework is evident in the poppies' intricate buds and petals, a testament to the artist's dedication and skill. Representing a significant departure from her usual process, Iliyana devoted a larger portion of her time to needle felting, adding a remarkable depth and complexity to this piece. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that each flower, each blade of grass, is a delicate whisper of the artist's interaction with her medium.

This creation is not just a painting; it is an invitation to wander through a serene yet spirited plane, a place of peace and vibrant life coexisting in harmony. It's a perfect statement piece for art collectors and enthusiasts looking to bring the grandeur of the natural world into their space.

Iliyana's "Rhapsody in Red" is poised to be the crown jewel of her display at the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts in Tampa. Priced at $6200, including shipping, it is more than a purchase—it is an investment in a piece of art that encapsulates the world as seen through the artist's imaginative lens. Do not miss the opportunity to witness this felted wonder in person or to own a piece of Iliyana's passionate craftsmanship.

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