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  • Sunflower Field at Dusk Original

Sunflower Field at Dusk Original


"Sunflower Field at Dusk" is a captivating 31" x 45" felted canvas, where the rustic charm of the countryside meets the poetic beauty of the setting sun. Crafted with the softest merino wool through the meticulous wet felting process, this piece boasts a pair of three-dimensional sunflowers that seem to burst forth from the field, their petals bathed in the sunset's amber glow. The background is a symphony of sunset hues, transitioning from the warm gold of late afternoon to the tranquil purples of twilight. Each fiber is felted with intention, creating a landscape that is as soothing to the soul as it is delightful to the touch. This artwork is a true testament to Iliyana's mastery of form and her deep appreciation for nature's endless wonders.

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