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  • Sunrise Original

Sunrise Original


Update: The successful sale of this piece at the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts in Tampa, FL (March 2-3, 2024) not only marks a significant moment in Iliyana's career but also signals her art's growing desirability among discerning collectors.

"Sunrise" by Iliyana is a celebration of nature's palette, transformed into a minimalist, contemporary style. This abstract, 44" x 60", 3D felted piece showcases the inherent beauty of undyed wool, resulting in a medley of creamy whites with intriguing balloon-like patches of black. The textured richness, suggestive of rivers or furrows, is designed to soothe and calm the soul. With its harmonious simplicity, this commanding artwork is a fitting centerpiece for minimalist interiors and a superb acquisition at $5000. 

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